Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dieting not only for women

Dieting is popular topic which women normally would love to talk; however, dieting is not only for women but also for men, some of people wonder why men also need to diet; it seems not to be men’s conversation, actually the battle of the bulge is harder for men than women and men would not like to share their fat-fighting experience face-to-face as women do. Obviously fat is also an issue for male and at the present lots of men are overweight in the world. For me I have never been on a diet and even intent to, because healthy is much more important than sexy status, but I have ever indented to go to gym in order to look like real man, but I didn’t excuse the plan. Recently the amount of dieting of male has been rapidly increased, what cause this situation? And do men also pursue the sexy status or good-looking as women do? Obviously some of them want to have a sexy status, but most of them who are following a dieting because of the doctor’s advice, they are overweight. Through this sense I can know that most of men are on dieting because they want to health, in other words for men, healthy is much more important than temporarily good-looking.