Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Slim status or health body

Most of people in the world try so hard to find the most effective ways of dieting combined with which suits them best, no matter how much money and time they spend on the diet, they only concentrate on being slim and achieving a sexy status with complete ignorance of the health effects of the diet. I know a girl who is my friend, in reality she is not fat at all, but every day she still eats like a mouse, and always complains she is getting fat. One thing she certainly does every day is that she looks in the mirror and says she looks fat, although the scale says she's losing weight. Once I asked her whether her health or her slim status is more important to her, she answered immediately that although health is important, her slim status is more important. I think this is the answer most people would give to me,especially for women. Seemingly diet is a popular topic in today’s society; people regularly (mostly female) talk about their success or failures in the world of eternal diets. Could this be as a result of the body image portrayed by the media as desirable and sexy that has become uppermost in young impressionable teenage girls minds as what they should aim to look like, at any cost. I can understand and support doctor or dietician designed diets if some one is overweight, and needs to lose weight, otherwise they will suffer from high blood pressure and other illness’s which are caused by excess weight. But for some one who has a normal healthy body, they still try to lose weight, they always think they are fat, and eventually can develop eating disorders, finally their bodies are destroyed by the unhealthy practices that desperate people follow, some even die like that friend of mine did. It sounds very horrible and sad, however, it happens every where. I can not convince people to stop this performance, but I will try to show the true and terrible examples of the consequences of an unhealthy diet to every one who has visited and will visit my blog in the future, hopefully you can share your feelings on this subject, experience or opinions about this issue. I would love to hear from you and hopefully more and more people can join the discussion and help to figure out a good way to help people avoid making dangerous mistakes.