Saturday, August 05, 2006

Healthiest methods for dieting

Thank you Angie for having looking on my blogs and leaving the comment! There are many diets in the real world for dieters in order to help round out your daily life and coordinate your activities and food, however which one will suit you? It does not mean that a diet which works for some one, will work for you, choosing a suitable diet is very important for your health, you can just follow the latest trends or you can think carefully and make an informed final decision, don’t be in a hurry… below I will introduce some different types of diets…

South Beach Diet - developed by a cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston, boasts being not about low-fat or low-carb. But rather they teach you about the right carbs and the right fats.

eDiets - offers a wide range of dietary planning by combining well known company program options and others- including their own - and personalizing the delivered end product or comprehensive diet plans right to you. They feature email, ezine news, helpful articles, recipes, menus and tips. eDiets also offers options.

Atkins - offers a paid subscription program, customized through Their free version features a personal journaling section, recipe box, shopping list and file cabinet. Set health and fitness goals in your journal and monitor your progress.

Slimfast - Similar to Atkins, Slimfast offers a paid subscription program that is customized through And they offer a no-cost version through their website at
Weight Watchers - Online at , Weight Watchers offers a few choices. They have a couple different food plans; monitor points or simply go with food choices. Then opt for a real-world membership with weekly meetings where you learn about healthy food choices and activities, hear inspirational leaders/ speakers, pick up tips and program information, recipes and menus and have confidential weigh-ins.

I am not sure which program will suit you, but I am sure you will be able to find one that really works for you, I am not a professional, but I would love to hear about some effective methods of dieting from you. Remember these are definitely not all the diets available so do some research if you want to chose one that really suits you.